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This "Light from The Leshem" project has been established to promote and disseminate the ideas and the writings of the Rav Shlomo Elyashiv, the Baal HaLeshem to English speakers.

Current activities include:

  • Creation and maintenance of this Website to serve as a clearinghouse for online resources and classes about the Leshem and his writings 

  • Translation of key articles from the writings of the Leshem into English

  • Online publication in English of key articles from his writings

  • Publication of a series of books including key articles from his writings

  • Sponsoring Youtube classes on his writings

  • Fundraising campaigns to support this project

  • Sponsoring a commemoration of the anniversary of his passing on his yahrzeit date.


Under the Auspices

Lights from the Leshem 
is under the auspices and guidance of
Rabbi Yehoshua Gerzi

Rabbi of the Beis Midrash -  Beis David/Pilzno
Bet Shemesh

A Pilzno Project

Our Vision

Overall, our long-range vision is to continue to provide a channel for the translation, publication, and dissemination for English speakers of the deep concepts and teachings of the Baal HaLeshem.

G-d willing, as this effort grows and creates a positive influence on those who wish to gain more comprehension of this knowledge, further projects involving other teachings from authentic Kabbalah texts will be announced and implemented in the future.

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