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Please feel free to download and share these translated sections of the Leshem's writings.
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Please Note: The contents of this site and publications are in the process of being reviewed by various Rabbinic Authorities for approval
So, at this time, the following PDF documents should be considered as having "final draft" status. (They may also have a few typographic errors.)
Therefore, their contents are the sole responsibility of the translator/author at this present time.

If you print these downloads, please dispose of them properly in a Geniza when you are finished with them.

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Why did G-d decide to create Creation?

Bringing about the Actualization of His Names

G-d desires to be Manifest and Revealed to the Creation

Enabling Humankind's Free Choice

Bestowing Goodness upon all of Creation

Chapter One: The Purpose of Creation
Chapter Seven:  Free Choice

Why did God Create Both Good and Evil?

Chapter Twelve:  Kindness and Justice

The Rectification of All of Reality is via Male and Female

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