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Downloadable papers written
by Rav Joseph Rosenfeld

These essays contain a vast amount of accurate information about the Leshem and his role in the development of Kabbalah in recent history. They are presented here with the permission of the author. If you print the essays, please dispose of them properly in a Geniza after use.

Lessons from the Leshem

Lessons available on Sound Cloud - Click here!

      - as taught by Rav Eli Deutsch

Lessons available on YU Website - Click here!

      - as taught by Rav Joseph Rosenfeld

Talks about the Leshem from

his recent Hilulah (תשפ''ב) on Youtube
Click here!
(Talks with Rav Moshe Schatz
 Rav Menachem Makover
on the Mount of Olives)

Classes on his Hilulah
from Previous Years

Other Resources

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